This image shows the stomach of a pregnant woman as she lays on her side. She is receiving a pregnancy treatment on her side.

Massage and Pregnancy

Pregnancy massage is a soft tissue treatment for the general aches and pains that can come along with pregnancy. You don’t need to suffer pain to get a pregnancy massage, it can be used as a tool to decrease any tension or tightness as the body/your baby grows. Benefits of pregnancy massage include:
* Decreased pain or tightness
* Decreased back and leg cramping
* Decreased swelling
* Improved sleep
* Happier mum (and baby)!

Myotherapy and Pregnancy

Myotherapy is a form of hands on treatment that incorporates assessment, diagnosis, deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping and rehabilitation exercises to help decrease pain or tightness. As amazing as the body is to adapt to a growing baby, sometimes it needs a little bit of help to cope with all the changes it is going through. Common pregnancy conditions Myotherapy can help with include:
* Headaches
* Neck and shoulder tightness or pain
* Back, hip or pelvis tightness or pain
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Pelvic pain
* And much more!

What qualifications do the therapists have?

Our Myotherapist’s have completed their studies and are fully qualified as Myotherapists. Then they have completed further study in the area of pregnancy and can perform both myotherapy and pregnancy massage.

Is it safe for the baby?

Absolutely, we would never do anything to risk the health of your baby. We can put you in whatever position is most comfortable – generally women prefer laying on their side. All the treatment modalities used are also completely safe for the baby. If you opt for some massage over your stomach, the baby actually loves this and usually lays nice and still as it is relaxing for them. Happy mum, happy bub!