What is Baby Massage

Baby massage is a gentle manual therapy technique that can be performed on newborns all the way through to teenagers. The type of massage is significantly different for infants in comparison to adults. It is not manipulative, but more of a communicable technique that allows parents to engage and relax their child. It can also help with a range of different conditions. All you need to bring is your baby, a blanket for your child to lay on and a cushion for yourself or another guardian to sit or lean on.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Our infant massage classes can help settle your child, improve their sleep, reduce crying and relieve digestive problems such as wind, colic, constipation and reflux.


There are many different ways we can teach you how to massage your child.  We run either one-on-one consultations or group classes depending on your preference – we cater the classes to your individual needs. The classes we offer include:
* One-on-one (a single one hour session) – learn the basic introduction to infant massage.
* One-on-one (four one hour sessions) – learn full body massage sequence.
* Group classes (one hour sessions) – up to eight people in a group can learn infant massage. We can provide single classes or a series of classes. Mothers groups, friends, family members and partners all welcome.

What You Will Learn

* Specific massage strokes
* Appropriate pressure to massage
* ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ cues
* Appropriate timing
* How not to overstimulate your child
* Appropriate oils and creams to use
* Different sequences of massage for a range of conditions