What is Bandaging and Compression Garments? 

Bandaging and Compression garments are designed to apply firm graded pressure to help reduce the swelling associated with lymphoedema, reducing pooling of fluid and moving excess fluid out of the affected area to improve lymphatic circulation.
Lymphoedema-trained practitioners are skilled at ensuring you have a properly fitting garment so that you have the correct pressure gradient on the affected area.

Short Stretch Bandaging 

*Applied to the limb by a trained specialist to reduce limb volume before garment fitting.
*This style of bandage can be washed and reused but require to be administered daily.
*Good for those patients with sensitive skin to latex products.
*Provide high working pressure (while you’re moving) and low resting pressure (while you’re inactive).

Short Stretch Bandaging

Multi-layered bandaging 

* Should be applied by a trained specialist.
* Can be left on for longer periods but not reusable.
* Bandages stick to themselves and adhere to the comfort layer underneath providing better cohesion and less slippage
* Effective in reducing limb volume.
* Some patients may have a sensitivity to some of the different styles of MLB.
* Comes in different lengths and width for ease of donning.

Coban2 Multi-layered Bandaging

Compression Garments 

* Off the Shelf, Made to Measure or Custom-Made garments
* Effective Management of Lymphoedema or Lipoedema
* Measured by a trained specialist
* Commonly, garments are worn during the day and taken off at night.They also need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure they provide the best support
* Compression garments come in a variety of colours and textures and can accommodate your personal preferences
* Subsidies for lymphoedema compression garments provide people diagnosed with lymphoedema with financial assistance towards the costs of their garments. See page for more information on SWEP

Off the Shelf Compression Garments