This image shows a Physiotherapist applying pink kinesiology tape to a clients knee.

What is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are university educated healthcare professionals. Trained to assess, diagnose, treat/prevent disease and disability through physical means.
They are experts in movement and function. Working with their clients, they can help to overcome pain, stiffness and/or injury. Body complaints can be present from birth, acquired through accident or injury, or as a result of ageing. Physiotherapy can help you recover quicker or help with ongoing management.
Each treatment plan is designed to fit you as an individual and will take into account your lifestyle, activities and general health.

About Physiotherapy

Baw Baw Physio and Fitness have qualified and registered physiotherapists who can assist you with your pain, injuries, rehabilitation needs or body complaints.
We treat Private, Medicare (EPC) GP care plan, Work Cover, TAC, NDIS and DVA clients.
Private clients do not require a referral.
Please obtain a referral if you would like to come to Physio under Medicare (EPC) GP care plan, Work Cover or DVA patients.
The following are common treatment methods used by our physiotherapists:
* Exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
* Joint mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness
* Muscle re-education to improve control
* Airway clearance techniques and breathing exercises
* Soft/Deep tissue massage
* Dry needling
* Hydrotherapy
* Assistance with use of braces, crutches, walking sticks to help you move around

Our Physiotherapists

Conditions Physiotherapy Can Treat: