Baw Baw Physio & Fitness offer a variety of group fitness classes instructed by qualified therapists to suit your needs and to help you reach your personal goals.

These include our Clinical Pilates, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Studio Pilates, Yoga, Stretch ‘n’ Flex, Cancer rehab, Mums and Bubs studio class, and Seniors Strength & Conditioning.

A pre-assessment appointment is required before joining a class for therapists to be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions/injuries and to ensure you are joining the class most beneficial for you.

Bookings are essential for every class.

Selected classes may be available for private health rebates, please speak to our reception team.

  • YOGA

    Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strengthening & lengthening, reduces anxiety & stress, and calms nervous system. It is good for your mind, body and soul.
    Our goal of Yoga in our studio is to create a safe, comfortable space. With no judgement, no “have to’s”, no competitions, no perfect postures. 
    A class where each individual honours their own body and what it is capable of doing today.  Encouraging movement, breath and relaxation.  Never to feel pain, only muscle activation or stretching.
    There are many different styles of Yoga that have evolved over the years, definitions have blurred, so people’s expectations differ greatly.
    Fiona’s Advice, just Try it…You will know if it is right for you.
    Fiona’s Yoga classes offer:
    • Beginners Basic Yoga Class – time is spent learning each Posture – Lengthen and Strengthen benefits (Isometric Exercises)
    • Slow Flow ‘Vinyasa’ Style Yoga Class – Same base poses, but the Focus is on Movement to Breath – Creating Heat – Meditative Flow comes as participants become more used to the postures
    • YIN Style – Asana held for 3-5mins – Gravity does the work – Great Benefits from Stillness for the Mind as calm can be found. Then the Connective tissues (Tendons, Ligaments and Fascia) of the Body benefit and lengthen
    • One-On-One YOGA: Opportunity to go through the basic @30 Yoga poses and cater for individual needs / requirements due to bodies own abilities. Exploring a variety of Alternatives and posture Variations to find what suits the individual best. With the Goal of after 1 or 2 classes, then being comfortable to join in the General Classes and utilize their customized alternatives with confidence and ease.

    Want to know more about your amazing instructor Fiona - Check out FIONA’S BIO


    A general fitness class incorporating chair exercise, light cardio, light weights and balance to maintain the lifestyle of senior citizens. 
    Improve your general health & wellbeing, bone & muscle strength, balance, socialisation, and prevent physical age related declines.
    Classes are be suitable for both men and women, and are led by a Physiotherapist. Also suitable for DVA patients.

    Our Stretch 'n' Flex classes are run by one of our practitioners who has a understanding of your body's posture, core stability and medical conditions/injuries.
    This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The class will be designed full of static and dynamic stretching and some balance exercises.
    Static stretching– holding a muscle in a mildly uncomfortable and stretched position for a period of time (e.g. somewhere between 10 – 60 sec)
    Dynamic stretching– moving a limb through its full range of motion, with or without the use of momentum, repeated for a number of repetitions without holding the end positions.

    Cancer rehabilitation and exercise can reduce side effects of the disease and debilitating cancer treatments, and can improve functional ability, quality of life and ultimately, survival.
    We understand that while surviving cancer can be difficult, recovery can also become difficult if your body is deconditioned. We know some clients can find it difficult to complete certain exercise programs due to pain, feeling sick or fatigue levels. It is not uncommon to need regular rest breaks or modified exercises on your road to recovery. Therefore, it is recommended you listen to your body and find a way you can keep moving and being active in any way possible to optimise your recovery.
    Exercise is a safe and effective evidence-based intervention to counter the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.
    Increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatment, as well as minimising the side effects of these treatments
    Improve muscle and bone strength
    Lower your risk of cancer recurrence
    Increase your energy levels, mood and posture
    Better sleep
    Improve your quality of life
    When people don’t get rehabilitated after cancer it can affect people differently. It could affect their ability to work, their families, their physical, emotional & social well-being and their long-term health.
    That’s where Baw Baw Physio & Fitness can help YOU (or your loved one). We want to get you back doing the things you love.
    What does it involve?
    A personalised circuit style group class (limited to 8 people per class)
    Gentle Exercise Program
    Resistance Training
    Strength & Conditioning
    Light Cardio
    Gentle Stretching
    Weight Bearing Exercises to improve bone health
    Who Can Join?
    Anyone who has ever been diagnosed with any type or stage of Cancer. Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we!
    Click HERE to find out what else we have available for clients who have had a Cancer diagnosis.

    Designed for pre & post natal women to restore core & pelvic strength and stability, reduce pelvic, back & other body pain, and to help manage weight. Instructed and supervised by one of our practitioners with specific training in pre & post natal care and exercise. We have a strong focus on women’s health and understand how to help you recover after the demands of pregnancy, labour, birth and the fourth trimester (life with a newborn!)
    Kids welcome!
    Each class is different and full of a mix of varying exercises from week to week while using some of our studio equipment:
    * Trap Table
    * Reformer Beds
    * Fitball
    * Other Small Equipment

    Learn to activate your core muscles, improve your posture and strengthen the muscles that surround your spine.
    One - on - one sessions also available upon request.
    What is the difference between Mat & Reformer Classes?
    Reformer classes can be more targeted, and can be a higher level of gentle exercise. Resistance is applied via a reformer bed which has several levels of resistance to cater for all abilities. Exercises on the Reformers could include a variation of balance, Pilates and stretches to target all areas of the body and can increase muscle strength due to the targeted resistance that is greater than just body weight, as in our Mat classes. It is personal preference so come down and try both classes out and see for yourself.

    Learn to activate your core muscles, improve your posture and strengthen muscles throughout your body.
    Mat Classes can include light weights, balance exercises and pilates based exercises done either standing up or lying on a mat. It is important that you can independently get up and down off the floor to take part in this class. We incorporate a range of Pilates equipment during the class to cater to your own individual ability and help you achieve your personal goals.
    Our Mat class is particularly effective for people with an injuries or pain-related conditions, as exercises are adapted to take this into account and help with pain management and recovery.
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    We offer a range of Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage services along side our rehab gym

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