• Sport Injury Management Night

    Cardinia Physio and Fitness in conjunction with Cardinia Council will be holding a free Sports Injury Management Night on Wednesday the 28 May at 630pm.  The event will be held at the Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre.  The aim of the night is to teach members of the public the correct way to manage injuries when they first happen in order to promote the best outcomes and fast return to sport.


    We would encourage anyone to come along – players, coaches, friends, parents and families.  The night will be run by physiotherapists and a myotherapist and we will all be more than happy to answer your questions.


    Topics covered will include:

    – When and how to ice
    – RICE
    – When to visit the Doctor Vs Hospital Vs Physio
    – When to seek further treatment Vs Manage at home
    – When  X-Rays or further scans are necessary
    – What you can do to speed up recovery
    – When crutches/immobilisation are necessary
    – What can you do to prevent injury
    – Question and Answer time


    Please feel free to contact us prior the event if you have particular topics that you would like covered.  We also ask that you RSVP by calling us on 9769 3981 or emailing admin@cardiniaphysioandfitness.com.au.  Supper will be provided.