Lymphoedema is a type of swelling caused by problems with the Lymphatic system. It can occur anywhere in the body, but it most common in the arms and legs.
Often Lymphoedema can occur following Cancer treatment due to the removal or treatment of the lymph nodes, which impairs the removal of the fluid.
Lymphoedema in the arm is common following the treatment of breast cancer, while Lymphoedema in the leg is more common following treatment for prostate cancer or bowel cancer which can affect the lymph nodes in the groin.


* Swelling
* Skin tightness
* Increased pain
* Pins and needles
* Reduced ability to perform daily activities


Lymphoedema can vary greatly, and can be affected by different factors such as heat and certain medical procedures. While it is important to consult your doctor, Baw Baw Physio and Fitness also has trained therapists that can perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage (which feels like light massage) and prescribe gentle exercises and activity to assist you with your symptoms.