• 3 Low Impact Strength Exercises for Home

    3 Low Impact Strength Exercises for Home

    Good for Beginners and Seniors

    by Kate Jones Physiotherapist at Baw Baw Physio and Fitness

    If you have lost your strength or fitness due to injury, pain or age, it is important to maintain muscle strength to enable ease during basic daily activity and avoid further aches and pains.

    1. Sit to stand/Getting out of a chair

    While this may seem straightforward, if you perform enough repetitions (such as 10-12) and repeat, this should strengthen the muscles in your thighs.

    2. Calf raises

    Good calf strength (and length) is important for walking and going up and down gutters and steps. Calf raises can be done on one leg to add difficulty, or with two legs to aid balance. If balance is an issue, try holding on to a rail, bench or the wall.

    Again, aiming for higher repetitions (10 or more) will help with strength and endurance.

    calf raises

    3. Wall push ups

    Arm strength is also important, and wall push ups can be done at different fitness levels. If you are unsure, physiotherapists or trained fitness staff can assist with providing you with the right level.

    wall push ups


    If you are having trouble motivating yourself at home, a group exercise class can assist with exercise adherence. At Baw Baw Physiotherapy, we offer low impact exercise groups run by a trained physiotherapist such as Seniors Strength and Conditioning. If you wish to book an assessment or require further information, do not hesitate to call 5625 1631