A hamstring strain is a common injury involving a tear in one or more of the hamstring muscles. The hamstrings are the large group of muscles covering the back of the thigh.
Hamstring injuries generally occur during sprinting or high velocity activities. With very high grade tears, the athlete may hear a tearing or popping sound.

Symptoms of Hamstring Strain

Following a hamstring tear, there is often pain with walking or running, stretching and occasionally pain with sitting due to pressure on the damaged tissue. The injury site and surrounding tissues may bruise and swell.


Due to the high recurrence rate of hamstring tears, it is important to have your injury managed by a professional and adhere to a rehabilitation program.
This will include:
* Assessment of the severity of the tear
* Pain and swelling management
* Soft tissue releases
* Progressive rehabilitation
* Strength, proprioception and sport related exercises
* Graded return to sport