Reformer Physio classes are run by our Physiotherapists who understand your back, posture and core stability. Classes can be adapted to suit each individual member reach their goals and work to their individual ability. During our reformer classes you will learn to activate your core muscles, improve your posture and strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine.

One – on – one sessions also available upon request.


What is the difference between Mat  & Reformer Classes?

Reformer classes can be more targeted, and can be a higher level of gentle exercise. Resistance is applied via a reformer bed which has several levels of resistance to cater for all abilities. Exercises on the reformers could include a variation of balance, pilates and stretches to target all areas of the body and can increase muscle strength due to the targeted resistance that is greater than just body weight, as in our Mat classes. It is personal preference so come down and try both classes out and see for yourself.


What is a reformer bed?

The reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform, called the carriage; the carriage rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. On one end of the reformer, the carriage is attached by a set of springs. These springs provide various levels of resistance to movements performed on the carriage. At the other end of the carriage, there are shoulder blocks that stabilise the upper trunk. Near the springs, there is also an adjustable bar called the footbar, which can be either used by feet or hands. The reformer also has long straps with handles that attach at the top end of the frame. With these handles, the carriage can be moved with either arms or legs. All reformer parts are adjustable for different body sizes and skill levels.



Our reformer classes cost $32.00 per class, for the length of the term. For example, a ten week term would cost $320.00. Prior to taking part in the group class you are asked to attend a pre-screening assessment with one of our Physio’s to ensure your safety and so that we can provide best direction for you and your body. We have a limit of 4 participants per class for our reformer classes and we encourage you to bring a towel and drink bottle.


Terms & Conditions:

Classes run on a school term basis with an upfront payment required. A non-refundable deposit is required at time of initial term sign up to secure your spot. Participants may be able to claim a refund via health insurance funds, a statement is sent at the end of each term for you to send to your health fund, if applicable. Due to the size of our classes, if our classes are full we have wait-list available.



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Reformer Pilates