A Calf Strain is a tear to one or both of the muscles at the back of the lower leg. Calf injuries usually occur through a sudden pushing off force or an over-stretching of the calf muscles such as when jumping or changing direction quickly. It is important to get treatment quickly and not to ignore the pain, as calf strains can lead to Achilles problems, and potentially an Achilles rupture.

This image shows a client receiving a calf massage.


* Sudden sharp pain at the back of the lower leg that occurred during a run or lift
* Tenderness at the area of injury
* Swelling with or without bruising
* Impaired walking/jumping due to pain
* Pain with standing on tiptoes


Physiotherapy can help fast track your recovery and prevent injury reoccurrence and performance deficits. The length of rehabilitation can be between two to six weeks. Treatment may include massage, mobilisation and exercises.
It is important to remember that a previous injury to a muscle increases your likelihood of re-injury significantly.
Physiotherapy management can lower this risk by implementing an effective rehab program tailored specifically for your lifestyle.