Ankle sprains are very common in sport and everyday activities.  The main mechanism of injury is ‘rolling’ or twisting the ankle when the foot is planted awkwardly.  The structure damaged can vary, however the most common sprains involve the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.
Recurrence is very common following an initial injury.  This is due to residual weakness in the surrounding muscles, laxity of the supporting ligaments, altered balance and a change in the brain’s ability to pre-empt your next move.

This image show a client with kinesiology tape on their ankle. the tape runs from their lower leg to the middle of their foot


* Swelling
* Bruising
* Redness and Warmth
* Inability to walk or take weight without pain
* Joint Stiffness


Treatment aims to fast-track your recovery and minimise a recurrence of your injury.
Physiotherapy helps to achieve this by rehabilitating balance, movement and strength combined with techniques aimed at your sport or lifestyle.