• Winter Special

    Winter Special







    Now that Winter is among us we are offering 10% off all Myotherapy treatments for 2 weeks ONLY!

    Get 10% off your attended Myotherapy treatments between Friday 1st of June to Friday 15th of June – Book Now!

    This can include:
    Pregnancy massage, remedial massage, joint mobilisation, cupping, dry needling, corrective exercises and manual lymphatic drainage.
    Please note: manual lymphatic drainage is only available with our Myotherapist Kaleisha.
    (baby massage is not included in this promotion)

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Did you know?

    that the cold weather affects our bodies?

    As winter creeps in our bodies adjust to the changing temperature.

    In an attempt to keep warm we shrug our shoulders towards our ears in a hunched over position which causes muscle and joint stiffness throughout the body.

    Benefits of a Myotherapy treatment during winter:
    -Helps build the immune system
    -Increases the circulation
    -Is a great mood lifter and over all well being
    -Eases joint/muscle stiffness and restriction
    -Encourages the brain the release the happy hormone ‘serotonin’, which decreases during the colder months due to less daylight
    -Keeps the skin hydrated

    Conditions affected by the cold weather include:
    -Lower back pain
    -Neck pain
    -Posture related muscle tension
    -Headaches caused by muscle tension
    -Not being as active causes the overall body muscle tension
    …..Just to list a few!


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