• Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    SPOTLIGHT ON DRY NEEDLING with our Myotherapists  With 25% off Myotherapy this month (August) it’s a great time to book in with our Myotherapists. One of the techniques our Myotherapists could use is dry needling.   What is dry needling?  A needle that is inserted into a trigger point within a muscle to stimulate a

  • Benefits of therapeutic massage

    Benefits of therapeutic massage

    Spotlight on our Myotherapist’s this week. With our 25% off Myotherapy special this month its a great time to book in. One of the treatments our Myotherapists offer is therapeutic massage. BENEFITS OF THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE BY OUR MYOTHERAPISTS Reduce muscular pain Improve flexibility Manage low back pain Reduce stress Relieve headaches Improve joint mobility Improve mental alertness Improve Sleep Reduce depression & anxiety Releases endorphins Boosts energy Lower blood pressure Increase range of movement Help fibromyalgia pain Increases body awareness Boosts your immune system Reduce post operative pain

  • 25% off Myotherapy and Therapeutic Massage

    25% off Myotherapy and Therapeutic Massage

    During the month of August we are offering 25% off all Myotherapy treatments! This can include: – Pregnancy massage, remedial massage, joint mobilisation, cupping, dry needling, corrective exercises and manual lymphatic drainage. Please note: at this stage manual lymphatic drainage is only available with our Myotherapist Jenny. Terms and conditions apply.