• Spikey Balls

    Spikey Balls


    Spikey Balls


    Spikey balls are a great self massaging tool. They come in different sizes and firmness to suit our needs. What a great way to release tension and muscle pain from daily activities.

    Spikey balls can achieve a number of health and fitness outcomes.

    – Reduce Muscular Pain

    – Improve Flexibility

    – Enhance Posture

    – Increase Balance

    – Enhance Movements

    – Better foot biomechanics


    We highly recommend adding a spikey ball into your routine for the purpose of rehabilitation, improving athletic performance and improving general health and fitness.


    Tips :
    – Use it to massage your feet and relieve stress after wearing unsupportive shoes like high heels.
    – Lean against a wall and roll over your back or neck to massage and relieve tension.
    – Use your spikey ball on bare skin or over clothing.
    – Apply in circular motions for a firm massage and to improve circulation.


    Available to buy at Baw Baw Physio & Fitness – Drouin


    Disclaimer: If you get serious or intense pain from using a spikey ball you should consult your GP or other Health Professional.