What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a technique that involves light massage to help reduce a build up of fluid/swelling. Gentle strokes are used in the direction of the heart to manually stimulate the lymphatic system and drain excess fluid back into the body. This can help decrease swelling and pain related to oedema.

Who can benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

MLD can be used on a number of different areas and conditions, including but not limited to:
– Lymphoedema
– Lipodema
– Oedema/Swelling (including pregnancy related swelling)
– Swelling due to sporting injuries
– Pre & Post surgery swelling
– Scar management
– Systemic conditions including but not limited to Rheumatoid arthritis or      polyartritis
– CNS & Neurological disorders including but not limited to M.S, trigeminal neuralgia, stroke & migraines
– Supplementary help for CFS, mononucleosis, chronic bronchitis and chronic   asthma

What qualification does Kaleisha have?

Kaleisha Prowse holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy.
On top on this, she has undergone further studies in many different areas, one being a course in Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Level 1 at Pond Massage under the guidance of a specialist in manual lymphatic drainage, Astrid Dietricks.

What to expect:

Initially you will sit down with Kaleisha and discuss what is going on with your body and any relevant past history. Once Kaleisha has done a thorough assessment to rule out any contraindications of MLD, your treatment will begin.
Kaleisha uses the Vodder method of MLD, which consists of a series of very light strokes over the area of swelling/pain along with stimulation of lymph nodes throughout the affected area. Treatment is performed either on bare skin or through a sheet.
The consult will last up to 1 hour and is completely individualised, as we understand that everybody’s needs are different.

Book an appointment:

To book a Manual Lymphatic Drainage appointment please call 5625 1631 and request this appointment type with our Clinical Myotherapist Kaleisha. Or book online via our Online Booking System.

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