Want to improve your strength, general fitness and overall health?

Want to feel better, move more and reduce your risk of lifestyle disease?

Come down and try out our Cardio and Strength Class
Our Physio led Cardio and Strength classes are fun, targeted and tailored to suit all fitness levels and injury histories!

Cardio & Strength! Not your average group training class!

Here at Baw Baw Physio & Fitness we use a multitude of training styles to achieve YOUR goals.
Our classes are focused on:
– Improving your overall fitness
– Increasing your strength
– Reduce your risk of injuries
– Increase your cardiovascular fitness
– Reduce sedentary behaviour
– Reduce risk of lifestyle diseases
– Increase your everyday functional capacity (ie. carry heavier items correctly, being able to walk or run for longer, keep up with kids/grandkids)
– Improve bone density
Our classes are a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit, and body weight and weighted strength training.
As we’re a physiotherapy run program we complete pre-assessments to gauge your physical and medical history and use this to target and tailor your sessions.
All fitness levels, and injury histories are catered for.
We also use measured goals to track your progress!
Many of our participants combine Pilates and our Cardio and Strength class to vastly increase their benefits.
Come down and try out our Cardio and Strength class and see the improvement today!


Our Cardio & Strength training classes cost $22 per class, for the length of the term. For example, a ten week term would cost $220.  Terms run in-line with the Victorian school calendar.


Classes run on a school term basis with an upfront payment required.  A $22 non-refundable deposit is required at time of initial term sign up. Participants may be able to claim a refund via health insurance funds.  All participants are asked to attend a pre-screening before taking place in any class to ensure their safety and so the physiotherapist can provide best direction for all exercises.


To view our current timetable CLICK HERE.

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